George: Hey! There’s a cyclops!
Paul: Can’t be, he’s got two eyes.
John: Must be a bicyclops.”

—The Beatles, Yellow Submarine.


Hello and welcome to BiCyclops: A Ulysses Project! What you’ve stumbled on is a collaborative, creative project undertaken by Jack Kohler and Sean Gill, students of English Literature at the University of Pennsylvania. We’ve created this website in partial fulfillment of coursework requirements for an amazing seminar entitled Joyce’s Ulysses: Making Readings. It’s part of a new series of courses taking a critical-creative approach to texts, allowing students to re-engage with works in a unique, inspiring way. Our guides and mentors in this process were a pair of renowned Joyceans: Professors Paul Saint-Amour and Rob Berry (of Ulysses Seen fame). Their erudition made this project possible.

Whether you’ve found your way here as part of the class or simply via a Google search, we hope that you’ll stay a while and enjoy our project. What is the project, you ask? Put simply, BiCyclops is an apocryphal chapter of Joyce’s Ulysses. You’ll want to know more, so we’ve included a handy “About” page to help. You can also learn more about the authors, including their particular takes on their work, as well as information on their sources.

Want to get right into reading the text? That’s easy, too. Just click here.

Creative, collaborative processes such as these, of course, cry out for feedback: so if you’re inspired by, disgusted by, or legally infringed upon by our work, we hope you’ll contact us to let us know! We can’t wait to hear from you!